Please use this page as a reference for some of our available materials, fabric colors, buckle details and more as well as Luke's honest appraisals of the fabrics and buckles.

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Side Pocket(s) 




Add side pocket(s) to your Drop Liner Backpack so you can easily reach a water bottle or anything else that'll fit in there. The newest design favors standard webbing with a cam lock as opposed to stretch webbing, which has a tendency to wear out faster. If you want 2 side pockets, you can't also have a side access laptop zip - it's an either/or situation on the right side of the bag.


Laptop Side Access Zip




Here's a shot of what the laptop side zipper looks like - using YKK Uretek® water resistant zipper, this sleeve allows for quick and easy access to your laptop. On a Medium size pack, you can fit a 15" laptop with ease - it's also a suspended liner, which means your expensive electronics won't hit the ground when you set the bag down. The side access laptop zip allows for a larger laptop carry than the internal drop sleeve does, but please remember it's not a waterproof zipper, so if left out in a downpour for a while, water could seep through.


Kevlar/Mylar sailcloth 

   We just got a new (i.e old) laminate sail that has a Kevlar® woven face - we're confident it won't delaminate like some of the similar finds we've had in the past. 


Halley-Stevensons® waxed cotton

We're very excited about this  - made in Scotland, this material is made from cotton and stinging nettle. It is not naturally waterproof, and needs wax to be waterproof on its own. Thankfully, the Drop Liner product line has seam-sealed liners to make up for this eco-friendly fabric's lack of waterproofness. When it comes to product lifecycles, this fabric is our top contender - it's the most environmentally conscious fabric we have. 



 Woven/Non Woven Dyneema®

Made from Dyneema® fiber, this fabric is the best of the best when it comes to high performance space age textiles. Woven on the outside and featuring a criss-cross of filaments in a 'non-woven' array laminated to the back side, the abrasion resistance and tear strength of this fabric is off the charts. Super light, crazy strong, and pretty much indestructible. 



 W/NWD X-Ply 

 Similar to the above Woven/Non Woven Dyneema®, this batch was made with a  black X-ply lamination that we're choosing to put on the outside of the bags. Features are similar to the W/NWD, but is just slightly heavier and has a slightly shiny black X-ply outer.


 Bright Blue Dyneema®

With a scrim layer on the backside, this bright blue fabric made from Dyneema® fibers is super light, super strong, and super colorful.



 Sparta® Kevlar®

Made for shrapnel and bullet-proofing vehicles, this Mylar coated Kevlar® is incredibly abrasion, heat and puncture resistant. It's slightly loud/crinkly until it gets broken in a bit, but if you like yellow, this high end laminate might be just right for you!







For our standard plastic buckles, we use the durable Stealth Warrior by Duraflex® - it's lightweight, strong, and does a great job closing our bags. 



Aluminum COBRA buckle

Made in Austria for demanding uses such as skydiving and high-impact harnesses, these buckles are built to last. The satisfying click sound can reassure you that this buckle will never come open unless you want it to - the only downside is that it's a bit heavy, and might be a bit overkill for a backpack.



Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle

The Fidlock® magnetic buckle is one of our favorites - it closes automatically when you swing the lid shut. Showcasing German design at its finest, this buckle is a fantastic upgrade to the standard plastic buckle. The only downside we can think of is that it's possible to get sand stuck in the magnet - we haven't experienced this ourselves, but if you drag your pack upside down across the beach with the lid open, it might get a lil clogged.