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Please note: we're not in the from-the-ground-up custom backpack design market - the communication, design, patterning, and prototyping process is very time consuming and our focus is better spent on recycling as much material as possible. If you're dead set on getting a super custom design made for yourself, please do fill out the form, but be advised that it is quite expensive.

NEW POLICY: On the 1st of every month, 5 custom builds of the more complex bags will be added to the 'inventory' to be selected and purchased. Please check back on the 1st to put together your custom selections.

WHY?: My mission here at Truce has always been to repurpose material that would otherwise be discarded, originally old sails while working at North Sails. I enjoy making custom bags and talking with customers about their specific needs, but at this point in time I need to focus on getting through the materials I receive as efficiently as possible. This policy might change in the future. Keep an eye on One Offs for Travel Sets of all sizes, making these is a much more efficient way for me to keep recycling stuff, and will be refreshed more often.