A day at work with Luke and Hank

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Drop Liner Backpack

Feature rich exterior, seam sealed interior

Choose your materials combination


multiple carry options, seam sealed liner & more

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Recycled Sailcloth

After years on the water, they're ready for their next life

hoist yours

Hardwood folding stools

Black Walnut & White Oak Frames

Sailcloth Slings

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Recycled Fabrics

Posted by Luke on Sep 23rd 2020

Recycled Fabrics

Please note:I am not a chemist or textile designer – for this piece I rely on the research and exper …

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Backpack Design Process

Posted by Luke on Jul 8th 2020

Backpack Design Process

In this post, I want to talk about the steps involved in making a new backpack. As you'll see, ours …

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