(SOLD) Travel Set from Aluminum Coated Dyneema®

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The newest travel set! This one is made from aluminum-coated Dyneema® laminated with Insignia fabric in bright orange - this adds a little bit of stiffness to this incredibly light metal-coated material.

This fabric is very light, Dyneema® reinforced, and reflects light very well. I finally figured out how to use this ultralight fabric provided by Dyneema® as a factory scrap - their usual clients (NASA, military, etc) need absolute perfection, and this fabric has tiny bits of imperfections in the lamination, but are purely aesthetic for consumer bags. With the Insignia fabric lamination, it gets that extra bit of strength and durability.


Please note, this material acts as a Farraday cage - if you put your phone inside, you will not get signal.


Lifetime warranty on everything but normal wear and tear.


This travel set includes:


-M Drop Liner Backpack w/Fidlock® magnetic buckle, neon green liner

-M Drop Liner Duffle, neon green liner

-20L SL Backpack w/foam backpad, clip on straps can be used on Drop Liner Duffle


-Tech Kit

-30L Simple Duffle


FREE SHIPPING APPLIES TO USA ONLY - if ordered internationally, an invoice will be sent for the shipping cost.


I apologize for the poor photography, as an amateur photographer this stuff is hard to shoot!

lifetime warranty on everything except normal wear and tear