Travel Set (2 piece) from NWEAVE® and NSAT®

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The first travel set made from NSAT® and NWEAVE® fabric - made my North® Sails, a world leader in advanced textiles.


The NSAT® (white) is the first run of this new material from North, it's a Cuben® Fiber fabric - very durable and extremely lightweight. Cuben Fiber, as a UHMWPE is similar to Dyneema® in weight, abrasion and tear resistance. Truce® was the first bag company in the world to get some of this thoroughly tested fabric - it'll outlast us all!


NWEAVE® is used by North for their kites + wings as a lightweight and strong material for leading edges. It's a very high performance material with a nice feel to it, I got a short roll of this material as a factory extra / remnants.


This travel sent includes:

M Drop Liner Duffle from NWEAVE® with seam sealed orange interior

20L SL Backpack from NSAT® Cuben Fiber with foam insert


Please note that only one set of backpack straps is included and can be affixed to either bag.

Not pictured but included is an over-the-shoulder strap for the duffle



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