Space Burrito 30L Simple Duffle from Dyneema®

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The first small batch of 30L Simple Duffles from this aluminum coated Dyneema®. This stuff is very very lightweight, so I hand laminate it with Insignia fabric - it's a super sticky material used to put numbers and logos on sails, but it makes this shiny material a bit stiffer and adds strength. The interior is bright orange, making it easy to find stuff inside.



US-made Cordura webbing handles

30L Capacity

1x zippered end pocket, 1x grab handle on end


NOTE - while this fabric is strong, it's not like the Woven/Non Woven Dyneema® - it won't rip out at the handles through normal use, but if you pull out (instead of up) for some reason with a lot of force, it could rip.

Like all bags made here in the shop, there is a lifetime warranty (not including normal wear and tear) - if the handles rip through normal use, I'll fix it or replace it. Just don't pull super hard out and away from the bag, only pull UP on the handles.