Shopper from Carbon/Mylar Sailcloth

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I've been making some Shoppers from Carbon/Mylar sailcloth lately. This material is different than the Dacron sails, it's a bit lighter weight wise. However, it's also louder. It does make a crinkly sound when it's moved around - so if that bothers you, best to stick with the Dacron version!

These are made from retired racing sails that are a combination of Mylar with carbon fiber strands throughout the load bearing areas to make a very lightweight, see-through, and zero-stretch foil shape.

Instead of using binding tape on the seams like Dacron Shoppers, I use pressure sensitive adhesive to keep the seams together. This is a new product with new ways of being put together, but I think it's the best way to reuse this cool fabric!




Due to the lightweight qualities of this fabric, it might also not last as long as Dacron or Kite Shoppers so the lifetime warranty excluding normal wear and tear might be a bit shorter than other Truce products.

lifetime warranty EXCLUDES normal wear and tear - this fabric is lightweight and may degrade faster than Dacron.