Raffle Fundraiser for Bunkhouse Acres

Winner was drawn on March 10th at Noon PST- Congratulations Omar!

THANK YOU ALL!!! I really appreciate it - with YOUR help, we raised $1712.50 for Shellie-Ann at Bunkhouse Acres. She's still a ways from meeting her goal though, so please consider donating through the link below.


Please consider donating directly HERE, farming equipment is expensive and Shellie-Ann is close to her goal.

The first fundraising raffle on 2021 is focused on helping raise some money for Bunkhouse Acres!

This collection of bags includes a Medium Drop Liner backpack, Medium Drop Liner Duffle, 20L SL pack, Shopper, and Dopp kit - all from Green Dyneema® fabric. This material is ultra-durable and waterproof, in addition to being highly visible. The retail value of this package is $959, tickets are $10 a piece and there is no limit on the amount you can buy to increase your chance of winning.

80% of the total funds raised will go directly to Bunkhouse as soon as the raffle is completed a week from today on Wednesday, March 10th at noon. I'll draw the winner at random and share with you all how much we raised for this worthy cause.

If you know anything about farming, you know it takes a ton of time, sweat and money - and unfortunately, like a lot of things in this country, it's more complicated as a person of color. This small farm, like too many others, has had to deal with too much racism and bigotry as well as the standard farming issues like equipment costs, animal feed, etc.



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