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These ultralight Shoppers are made from a Cuben fiber spinnaker. Cuben fiber is another brand name for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenes like Dyneema® and Spectra® - this spinnaker was used on a racing sailboat until it was ripped in half during an accident. The panels are glued/taped together, resulting in a dramatically lighter sail than standard triple-stitched spinnakers like most of us are used to.


Why are these pricier than the standard Shopper? Good question - they take longer to make, it's trickier material to cut and work with, and there's a limited amount of this amazing fabric.


I reinforce the top with a strip of Insignia® tape, used to add numbers and logos to sails - it adds enough strength to make these almost as durable as our standard Shoppers while remaining much lighter and able to stuff into its own pocket.


Pocket Shoppers made from standard Nylon spinnakers coming soon!

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