Press & Reviews

“Truce’s bags are made for the urbanite who needs a bag that will also hold up at the river, the mountains or the coast.”


"Truce makes the last backpack you'll ever want to own"


"Nineteen months ago, I finally bought one of your medium drop liner backpacks and couldn't be happier. I usually buy a new bag/backpack every year, but I think this one is staying with me for forever!"

-Nancy T.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the pack. It's such a relief to finally find what I've been looking for---and the craftsmanship is awesome!”

-Jen M.

“If you want a high quality waterproof backpack that is fully custom in color and options then this is the guy to go to! I have yet to find another that offers all of this in one place.”

-Scott M.

“Just bought a medium size backpack... freakin' stoked about it! What a great high quality innovative product. All watermen should check these units out!”

-David A.

“This is what I wanted you to know about how wonderful your product is. A couple of months we got stuck riding in a really bad rain storm for about 6 miles. I had my bag packed with all my clothes etc... for a weekend out of town. Needless to say we got soaked. When we got to our destination and unpacked, all my things were dry (I was soooo happy about that). Did I tell you that I love my Truce bag... Anyway, my boyfriend had his stuff back in a traditional backpack and guess what? Yes, all of his things were very wet.

So, thanks for making such a cool bag. I did say that I love my bag…”

-Lisa H.

“I find myself somewhat of a connoisseur of back packs – I have plenty in my collection, and use different packs for different purposes, such as motorcycle riding.  The Truce Drop Liner motorcycle backpack is one that I find myself continually coming back to, for its purpose and compliments received about its looks.”

-Ron L.

"I am definitely not a reviewer or heavy user, but only this becomes clear. It is my first best fit and can love it heartily. Thank you Luke, I’ll continue using my Drop Liner carefully!!!"

-Yoshio I.