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From retired racing sails to textile factory end rolls, from Dyneema® laminates to Spectra® and Kevlar® options, no other backpack manufacturer offers the diversity of high-performance fabrics offered at Truce.
The great majority of our materials come from recycled sources, or were already manufactured for other companies.
Old sails - used for cruising or racing - may be worn from their time at sea, but will take millennia to break down. Our goal is to clean them up and turn them into new, long lasting and useful products.
We have relationships with drysuit factories to re-purpose the pieces of fabric that are too small to make drysuits, waders or drytops. This hardy, waterproof nylon becomes the seam sealed liners on our backpacks and duffles.
We also buy fabric for common components of our bags for which we can't use recycled material - usually from factories with fabric which has already been made and has been sitting in a warehouse. Our webbing, buckles and trim are also new, and we continually strive to source them from the best manufacturers.
Our simple, intuitive compression strap setup is thanks to Cilogear - makers of the best backpacks for campers, mountaineers, and military users - all made in the US!
 Material weights, stitching patterns and colors will vary.