The great majority of our materials come from recycled or repurposed sources.  


Old sails - used for cruising or racing - may be worn from their time at sea, but still have plenty of life left in them.

Dacron is a durable, highly UV-resistant polyethylene (PET) fiber that is ideal for the harsh ocean environment.  Kevlar-reinforced Mylar is intended for racing boats, thanks to its light weight and shaping potential.  The science behind sailmaking is a big driver of textile development, and these materials last a long time.

We have relationships with local drysuit factories to re-purpose the pieces of fabric too small to make drysuits, waders or drytops.  This hardy, waterproof nylon becomes the seam sealed liners on our backpacks and duffles.

Our high-tenacity nylon has a tightly packed weave for extraordinary abrasion resistance, yet remains lightweight.  Two coats of polyurethane (PE) are melded into the fibers of the nylon, then a higher molecular density PE coat is laminated to these coats for total waterproofing and internal abrasion resistance.

All of this makes for an incredibly durable material.

We also buy fabric for common components of our bags - usually from factories with fabric which has already been made and has been sitting in their warehouse. Our webbing, buckles and trim are also new.

*Material weights, stitching patterns and colors may vary.

Dacron Sailcloth
Kevlar/Mylar Sailcloth
Black Nylon
Blue Nylon
Red Nylon
Maroon Nylon
Orange Nylon
Yellow Nylon
Olive Nylon