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Truce builds resilient, fashionable and environmentally responsible bags and accessories for men and women. Crafted with reclaimed and high-performance materials, each Truce bag is unique and made when ordered. 

Visit TREW for Truce Collection of Bags, or explore this website for custom bags and unique fabrications. 

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Luke Mathers, the visionary behind Truce, learned to sew industrial-grade fabrics while repairing sails and making boat covers at North Sails Oregon. He discovered the loft’s scrap bin, his first source of materials for crafting bags and accessories for his friends and family. Luke’s belief in environmentally responsible design and manufacturing led him to create Truce, a small collection of high-performance bags crafted from reclaimed materials.

In the summer of 2016, Truce Designs became part of Hood River, OR based outdoor company, TREW. Chris Pew, a founder of TREW, and Luke first met and collaborated on custom bags from TREW's leftover fabrics at their adjoining design studios in Portland, OR. 

Over the years we've seen Luke's collection evolve into some of the most beautiful, functional, and one of a kind products we've ever seen. We've been admirers of Luke's work and mission to create lasting products from discarded materials, and we're excited to be working with him and growing the Truce Collection. - Chris Pew

The Truce Collection by TREW is available on TREW's website. Featuring high-performance, upcycled materials, each bag is crafted and designed in Portland, OR. Navigate on this website to learn more about custom bags and unique fabrications. 


Over the years, Luke has built up a supply chain of high-performance materials that would have been discarded. Old sailcloths and drysuit fabrics are common among the industrial-grade fabrics repurposed to construct Truce bags. Each textile has a history, a story to tell. Some spent years voyaging open waters, other fabrics are repurposed from the factory floor before it ever reaches a customer’s hands. Some of the most interesting fabrics we get our hands on are high-end textiles produced in small lots, that haven’t yet made their way to commercialization.

All of the textiles we reclaim are inspected and cleaned before being put through our machines. One textile may be a resource for multiple bags, but as you can imagine no two bags are alike. 

EACH PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT.  No product made from recycled sailcloth will be pure white.  These sails have spent years on rivers, lakes and oceans before beginning their new life as a vessel for your belongings.  Each sail is inspected and cleaned before being put through our machines - but they will always have a certain character, accumulated from years of adventure.

Have a sailing crew and an old sail? Email us at info@trucedesigns.com to get it turned into new bags for your team!


Our lifetime warranty covers everything except normal wear and tear over years of use.  We guarantee all of our products to be free of defects, and will issue a refund or replace the items free of charge if they are found to be defective in any way.  For items (such as zippers and buckles) that have worn out, we happily provide repair services for a small fee.  If you aren't 100% satisfied with your Truce product, we'll find a way to make it right.  


Our shop is located in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon - where customers are encouraged to come visit and pick out their materials in person.

6700 N New York Avenue #217 Portland Oregon 97203
Call us at: 503 975 6144

We recommend you call in advance to make sure we're in the shop... if the waves or snow conditions are good, we might be out 'testing products'!

A note regarding internship/employment opportunities: At the moment we are not looking for any interns or more employees, but we thank you for your interest!


Our one minute shop tour in Japanese:

Truce Designs - Japanese from Truce Designs on Vimeo.