Drop Liner Duffle

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On the first Monday of each month, 4 build slots for this style will become available for purchase - if ordering one is not possible right now, please check back in the early part of next month. This policy allows us to re-purpose much more material than would otherwise be possible as custom orders are good fun, but also the most time consuming.

More bags will be available in the One Offs category soon - while customization is not an option for One Offs, they allow us to recycle / repurpose much more of the sails and other fabric we have crowding the workshop... and they ship out much faster.

If you have questions about bags or customizations not offered as options on this page, please email me at luke@trucedesigns.com

Thank you for your patience and understanding!



The Drop Liner Duffle is a burly and versatile travel companion. Fully weather-proof and ready for some serious wear and tear, the Drop Liner Duffle is ready to travel. 
Our trademark Dacron sailcloth gives this bag a unique character and it would certainly be at home spending many months at sea. 
Featuring a wide opening 'U' shaped zipper, a seam-sealed interior liner, multiple carry options, a 'dirty laundry' zippered pocket, an exterior wallet/phone pocket, and two large interior zippered pockets, this duffle makes a good travel buddy.
The full-length 'dirty laundry' pocket lets you keep funky underwear outside the seam-sealed liner, and a small exterior pocket lets you keep tabs on your wallet and keys. Wear it like a backpack, carry it like a duffle, or grab it by the indestructable side handles.
As a tiny company, I rely on bags with logos being seen 'in the wild' to get exposure - as a designer, I totally understand the appeal of having a bag with no logo. I hope a middle ground of paying an extra premium for the 'no logo' option makes sense, but please let me know your thoughts!
  • (SMALL) 26L: 17"x10"x9" - 43cm x 25cm x 23cm
  • (MEDIUM) 45L: 22"x12"x10" - 56cm x 30.5cm x 25cm
  • (LARGE) 60L: 23"X15"x13" - 59cm x 38cm x 33cm