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Team USA Dyneema® Laminated Sailcloth

Interior Color

Our most Special Drop Liner backpacks yet - cut from the very same sail that defended and won the most prestigious and sought after sailing trophy on earth.  Made from a single piece of UHMWPE Spectra/Dyneema®/Cuben fiber reinforced with Carbon Fiber and Kevlar®, this is the most technologically advanced sailcloth available today.  Own a piece of sailing history, and use it every day.

PLEASE NOTE - Not all packs will have logos/color variations on them, we'll do our best to make sure it's not solid black unless that's what you'd prefer.  Please tell us your preference in the 'comment' box when ordering.

Same function and features as our innovative Drop-Liner design. With a seam-sealed interior liner, you can rest assured your items inside will stay dry.

  • Small: 15 Liter capacity (850 Cubic Inches)
    10" wide x 5" deep x 17" tall (25.4cmx12.7cmx43cm)

  • Medium: 25 Liter capacity (1400 Cubic Inches)
    11" wide x 7" deep x 18" tall (28cmx17.8cmx45.7cm

  • Large: 33 Liter capacity (2020 Cubic Inches)
    12" wide x 8" deep x 21" tall (30.5cmx20.3cmx53.3cm)