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Dacron Sailcloth Drop Liner Backpack


Having spent their working lives on the water, these Dacron sails are ready to retire. After a spa day in our utility sink, we cut and sew panels together to create our streamlined, seam-sealed backpacks. The brightly colored liner is made from diving suit factory scrap fabrics, making our Drop Liner backpack as environmentally friendly as it is useful.

Securely closed with an upgradable 1½" buckle, our waterproof* backpack is available in three different sizes and custom coloring options. 

  • Small: 15 Liter capacity (1037 Cubic Inches)
    10" wide x 5" deep x 17" tall (25.4cmx12.7cmx43cm)

  • Medium: 24 Liter capacity (1464 Cubic Inches)
    11.5" wide x 9" deep x 21" tall (29cmx23cmx54cm)

  • Large: 35 Liter capacity (2130 Cubic Inches)
    13" wide x 10.25" deep x 23" tall (33cmx26cmx59cm)

    PLEASE NOTE: Each pack is different.  No product made from recycled sailcloth will be pure white.  Please let us know in the comments box during checkout if you have any special requests like numbers or extra graphics action.

    * Not submersible

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    A rare gem

    This is a long due review. My feedback on Luke’s backpacks is supported with a few years’ experience using it.

    I had been looking for a different backpack for quite some time, with a preference for a sturdy material that would ensure durability. Sailcloth seemed to be a sound option, however designs did not match my aesthetics criteria.

    When I landed onto the drop liner I felt that all my boxes had been ticked at once. Very importantly, its minimalist design would allow to get the maximum of the backpack; it is so versatile that I would end up using it extensively. It had the right amount of inner / outer pockets to keep my essentials organised and at reach, whilst respecting the minimalist design that I value. BTW, a special mention to the zipped pocket at the back of the “hood”: I simply could not make enough use of it. So spacious and conveniently placed!

    When I saw the drop liner in Truce’s website I felt that I had found a rare gem. And I went for a medium size.

    There was more to come after the purchase. My first positive surprise was to notice how amazingly light the backpack is; without compromising its robustness though. Then the bag started to share its “personality”, as provided by the sailcloth. Unlike any other bag that I could have bought, this one was already speaking about it’s previous life right after unboxing it. That is priceless to me. Right after I started using it, I was profoundly pleased to notice the attention to details that Luke had put into its manufacturing; the backpack emanates quality from every single feature in it. Top notch materials and cutting edge craftsmanship.

    It did not take me long until I ordered a second one; small size, as a daily laptop bag. In between both, Luke had implemented several improvements, as a result of his continuous search for quality improvement. Very appreciated.

    My enthusiasm for these bags is the result of the care and passion that Truce puts into their work. Congrats for the great job!

    With no hesitation I rate the sailcloth drop liner with five stars. Plus an extra sixth one for Luke’s friendliness and customer service.

    Highly recommend

    I’m based on the East Coast and it was an odd concept to buy a made-to-order pack that you couldn’t see/try on in-store. Luke and Nate quickly cured any doubt. I had a lot of questions on what the final product would look like and Luke could not have been more accommodating. Fast, friendly response and clear in the answers.

    I got the Medium and it’s a great carry-on for weekend trips but small enough for daily commutes on a packed train. It’s really clear care was taken with the construction of the pack. The seams are clean and the quality of the material is top notch. The personalized service and the ability to play a hand in designing a one of a kind pack was well worth the cost.

    Excellent backpack

    I just received my Dacron Sailcloth Drop Liner Backpack from Truce. I ordered size medium made from a repurposed white sail with blue numerals. I opted for side pockets, a $20 up charge per pocket. I use side pockets for a HydroFlask and sunglasses case. Those included on my pack are adequately deep and elasticized to hold both items. Two black elastic straps run outside each pocket, a construction method I have not seen on any other backpack. Since I have not used the backpack for a trip, I have not thoroughly tested side pocket functionality.

    Luke suggested that his favorite buckle is the Fidlock, which I ordered at $14 additional cost - well worth it.

    The zippered pockets on the lid and on the front of the backpack (farthest surface from wearer's back) are well-constructed, very functional and water resistant. The two inside pockets located adjacent to the wearer's back are very useful and, again, well-constructed.

    Over all, the backpack appears to be excellently built. It is both very rugged and very light. Other packs of similar size feel significantly heavier. Truce emphasizes a somewhat spare design aesthetic with the benefit of reduced weight.

    Included exterior compression straps can be removed when not in use and this system works well. The same holds for a waist belt that attaches via a hidden hook and loop patch on the back of the pack.

    What sets this backpack apart is the experience of interacting with Luke and Truce to get something entirely unique. Luke is a great guy - personable and laid back while taking his product very seriously. There never has been, nor will there be, another backpack exactly like mine and that means something to me. Of course, this comes at a price. It is well worth it to me to pay what I did for the backpack Luke made for me. Anyone else who cares about quality, weight, functionality, uniqueness and the customer experience like I do will love his or her Dacron Sailcloth Drop Liner Truce backpack.

    One of the best bag you'll ever have

    I have been using the bag for over a year for commute as well as hiking. It's surprisingly light weight and well balanced. Feels like it will last forever. The reason my review is 4 stars instead of 5, is because its missing some type of air ventilation where it contacts my back. After a long hike my back is soaking wet. I wish there's air channel of some sort so it won't trap hot air. Other than that I love every bit of this backpack.

    Epic Bag - World-Class Service

    Bag is everything it is promised to be, and they do their best to make the bag to meet any requests. This is my new motorcycle bag for my daily rider and it is performing amazingly.