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Spectra® Drop Liner Backpack

Interior Color

Made from space-age material, our Spectra backpack will last longer than any other pack we offer.  Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWP) - also known as Dyneema, Spectra or Cuben fiber, looks fantastic, has incredible abrasion resistance, and ages gracefully. We got this fabric as a spare roll from the manufacturer who specializes in military applications, but it wasn't quite perfect for bag making. Thanks to our friends at Cilogear, a Kevlar® Xpac backing was applied - making it the ultimate composite material.


  • Small: 15 Liter capacity (1037 Cubic Inches)
    10" wide x 5" deep x 17" tall (25.4cmx12.7cmx43cm)

  • Medium: 24 Liter capacity (1464 Cubic Inches)
    11.5" wide x 9" deep x 21" tall (29cmx23cmx54cm)

  • Large: 35 Liter capacity (2130 Cubic Inches)
    13" wide x 10.25" deep x 23" tall (33cmx26cmx59cm)

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      2nd Truce bag

      I have a medium kevlar dropliner from 2 years ago and purchased a small spectra since I often didn't need a larger bag. Looks fantastic, and the design has improved over time. For example, before the top pocket zipper would sometimes snag on the lining, this is fixed now with some stiffening material near the zipper similar to what you would find in a nice sleeping bag.

      These bags carry great without needing a frame. It isn't super clear from the sample pics but there are two hanging internal pockets which are pretty big to help organize things as well as the other two outer pockets. Furthermore, you can actually stuff more stuff if you need to between the dropliner and outer bag. I have found this useful on some occasions where I want to keep some wet stuff separated.

      The other thing I appreciate is that the material that contacts your skin or clothes under the straps and lower back is stretchy and non-abrasive. It doesn't wear out the dwr coating on jacket shoulders quickly or cause chafing issues like some mesh stuff does, and also doesn't snag like mesh either.

      Some if the best packs you can get!

      Incredible experience, 1 of a kind bag

      Loved everything about working with Truce. Spent of bunch of time going back and forth on materials (as it's an investment to order a bag that'll last a lifetime). All my questions were answered promptly and fully and I never felt rushed to make a decision. The bag itself was perfection! Really an eye catching and hyper-functional. I had a plastic clasp break quickly and was sent 10 replacements effectively overnight – I wouldn't buy a bag from anywhere else again.

      Much love to the team – y'all rock!

      Thank you so much James!