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Staying true to our mission of creating a more sustainable backpack, our collection of handmade backpacks are crafted in our community. Custom bags, drop-liners, and duffles are handmade by Luke in the Truce workshop in Portland, Oregon; with some parts and manufacturing taking place across the Columbia River at our partner factory in Vancouver, Washington.

Our sustainable backpacks feature a variety of materials that we source in the most low-impact way possible. Using discarded materials like sailcloths, drysuit nylons, and leftover technical fabrics, we create a unique collection of technically advanced, recycled backpacks. Whenever we source new materials, we start with domestic materials; our waterproof XPAC material comes from Dimension Polyant in Massachusetts, our nylon webbing comes from Bally Ribbon Mills in Pennsylvania, and our zippers come from YKK USA in Georgia. 

Limited edition, high-tenacity textiles like Dyneema or Kevlar are created from the end-rolls of production. 

These are beautiful, hand-crafted, technical bags that require a minimum of new resources to produce, create little waste, and will last a lifetime.